Priests, mortician and neuroscientist

My favourite event of 2018

This month’s blog is dedicated to a major milestone in my life.

My first ever solo effort as an author hit the bookshops across the UK on 12th July

The hardback came out in the UK on 12th July 2018

Bart’s Pathology Museum

A few days later, on 17th July, I did a sell out gig at Bart’s Pathology Museum (between St Paul’s Cathedral and Smithfield’s Market). I was delighted to find that 2 clergymen had trekked all the way from west London to hear what I had to say.

My favourite photo ever

The event was hosted by Carla Valentine – with whom I’d worked last year on a Vampire Special of my Geek Chic’s Weird Science podcast recorded live at Soho Theatre – and who insisted that we pose for this: my favourite photo ever…

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