The Science of Sin launches in North America today!

After the rip roaring success of the official UK launch back in July, The Science of Sin comes out in North America today. Yesterday I did a few interviews with radio stations all across the USA from Maine to California. Today I’ll be hitting Michigan and Maryland. And tomorrow I’ll be going on the Drew Pinsky show – a psychologist who administered the Narcissistic Personality Inventory with various celebrities which I describe in the chapter on Pride.

I’m very excited to have a book hitting the shelves in the USA because, while my first book Sort Your Brain Out sold very nicely outside of the UK, it didn’t have a dedicated launch in North America. I’m hopeful that it will ultimately be well received in both North and South America, given the reach of Christianity across both continents. With the Portuguese translation rights already snapped up I feel positive about its prospects for selling well in Brazil, as well as Portugal of course. Once the deal is finally done for the Spanish translation rights (thanks to everyone who got in touch suggesting that I make sure this happens!) then I will feel comfortable that it has a reasonable change of being read across the entire length and breadth of the Americas.