Here are some nice things people said about The Science Of Sin

Dr Michael Mosley has been presenting science shows for the BBC for over ten years. I worked with him on a great BBC Earth series (NB not broadcast in the UK) called Meet The Humans. He was kind enough to find time in his busy schedule to give The Science Of Sin a read at very short notice. I’m greatly indebted to him for lending me his eyes. And for being nice.

Johnny Ball is the reason I got into science in the first place. [For US readers: he’s our version of Bill Nye the science guy] When I was a primary school kid in the 80’s I’d usually get home after a hard day in the classroom and watch the box. Flicking through the channels I stumbled on a science show presented by Johnny and watched him demonstrating how you could propel a small boat through a trough of water using the chemical power of bicarbonate of soda. I found myself enthralled by his enthusiastic delivery.

It just so happened that the previous week we had covered the same topic in a science lesson, yet it had left me pretty disinterested. I distinctly remember wondering how it could be possible for something I had found quite dull could suddenly become so fascinating just a few days later. That fateful day I learned the value of enthusiasm that borders on the eccentric when it comes to getting people who are not particularly interested in science to sit up and take notice.

I have tried to emulate his example every step of the way. Thank you Johnny Ball for getting me excited about science, for inspiring me to learn as much about it as I possibly can and for showing me the way in terms of delivering what could be considered dull with a little sparkle. I am much obliged to you for providing me with these kind words…