Welcome to The Science of Sin

This isn’t just the website of the book.

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This is a community.

A movement…

This is where all sorts of resources will be made available to help people feel better connected, whether they believe in a God, gods, or no god at all…

But before we get on to all that serious stuff – let’s have a little fun.

Can you identify the seven deadly sins from these interpretations of Bishop Binsfeld’s classic Princes of Hell provided courtesy of my talented illustrator pal Peter Edwards?

Once you’ve guessed which sin each demon is responsible for, you can click on the image to bring up a larger image with the correct answer. Good luck!

Can you guess which deadly sin each of these princes of hell are responsible for?

In time this website will host a debating forum, a database of community-building resources and soon there will be a 70-question Survey of Sin to give people a headsup on which of the septet of anti-social urges is likely to be the most problematic compared to others taking the same test.

Watch this space…